Established November 2017

We are now hosting weekly "Ride Outs" from our base in Penistone. 

These rides are organised by Penistone Cycling Club, but anyone can join in and try up to three rides with us before they join.  Just turn up here at Cycle Penistone on a Sunday from 8:30 am onwards - rides start at 9 am.   All abilities are welcome; there is usually a shorter route of about 20 steady miles and a longer, faster one of about 30 miles.  And no one is ever left behind!

Other ad-hoc rides also take place on different days and at varying times.

Membership costs £10 a year, subs due on 1st July.  Membership forms are available here at Cycle Penistone.


The Club's Facebook Site can be found HERE; you will need to request membership

The Club have a website HERE with information, photographs, contact details and a downloadable membership form.

Read an article about the Club HERE.

For up to date details of what's happening, ability level and any change to the time, please check our Facebook page.

Come along and enjoy a complimentary drink, use our toilet facilities, and enjoy a ride out and chat.  No need to book, just turn up.

Benefits include a 10% discount on servicing and repairs at Cycle Penistone

Officially registered with Cycling UK

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Click on the box above to download a copy of the club rules and etiquette

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