We have a range of recycled bikes in store which are all in varying conditions but all come fully serviced and are supplied with a 3 month warranty to make sure you have no problems as you start to get out riding. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We try to update this page every week, but due to our very high turnover, we cannot always do this. The photographs below are a snapshot of some of our stock - we receive a huge range of makes and specifications every day.  Contact us for up to date stock either by phone, Facebook, this website or email.  We are able to send you photographs of anything we have that matches your spec.


Some bikes purchased may not be available due to the increase in demand, please ring us before playing your order on 01226 872310, or you can email us on


It's important for your child to have the right sized bike so that they feel comfortable and safe.  And don't forget, they can soon grow out of one!  In children's bikes, it's the size of the wheels, rather than the frame size, that dictates the size.  When sat on the bike, a child's tiptoes should be able to rest comfortably on the floor.

When you come to us for a bike, we always make sure that the bike suits your child, and we carry out any necessary adjustments such altering the seat and handlebars.  

Child bike sizes.JPG