Revival of retro Raleigh road bikes

There is a huge revival of retro road bikes taking place all over the world at the minute due to the rise in popularity of vintage cycling events such as Eroica and many others. Lots of people are after a special retro bike which they can enter into events on. It is also very gratifying restoring a classic bike and bringing it back to life, much the same as restroing an old car and taking it for its first drive down the street after months of late nights and overcoming obstacles.

It is never a straight forward job restoring any old product due to parts being obsolete, special tools being required and you find yourself spending the majority of time trawling the web to try and track down them small original parts which may seem insignificant but make all the difference to the finished article when it rolls for the first time and looks as if it has just been released from the factory again 40 years on.

Its more than just buying an old bike to take part in events on, it is about bringing a new lease of life to a bike which had been forgotten about and left to rust away in the corner of a garage. The bikes have tales to tell, you never know what they were used for in their heyday some may have travelled around the world on expeditions and covered thousands of miles. They may have belonged to the same owner for 50 years plus and been with them on all their major milestones throughout life such as first dates, first holiday or taken their first child on their first bike ride sat on the back.

They have character and style which is missing from most new bikes and are screaming out to be loved once more. You look after them and they will look after you for many years to come. Recycle and restore a retro bike and you will be helping to keep its story going onto the next generation.

We have lots of retro bikes (mostly Raleigh) which come in store either as donations when people are clearing out garages or as part exchanges when people feel its time for something new. We never dispose of any vintage bikes, if for some unfortunate reason they are not able to be restored then we will use them as display pieces to remind and inform customers of how far cycling technology has come over the last 100 plus years and one day somebody may come along who wants to give them a new home and has a use for them.

We would love to restore all the retro bikes which we receive but due to time and running a shop it is not always doable, but we dont look at that as being a negative. It can be very positive actually because we may get a customer who comes in and falls in love with one which may need some work but then it allows them to take the bike away and put their own touch and flare in to it during restoration. There are a million different ways we could restore them but unless its your bike then you can never do them to suit everybodies taste. Its a very indivdual item and we love it when we see peoples bikes and it gives you a look into their personality and creativity.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to get retro road bikes donated which are still in amazing condition considering that they are 40 years old.

Take this Raleigh Scorpio for example, its totally original and after a small about of metal polishing it looks like new. We would love to see this go to a good new home and for somebody to enjoy it for another 30 years. It is currently for sale at £85.00. Email us for more details. Call in and see us one day to have a look at what we have, we can flick the kettle on and have a chat. Hope you enjoyed this post. Keep retro alive!

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