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Vivup are currently working with over 350 NHS Trusts and Councils nationwide, and are the largest provider of the Cycle to Work Scheme for the NHS.  This service is provided at ZERO cost to the NHS or public organisation.  Instead, they are allowed to pay Vivup for the bike over 12 months at 0% finance.  

You, as an employee, can choose a bike and accessories from us, up to a value of £1,000.  You effectively loan the bike from your employer for an agreed length of time, exchanging a set amount of your gross salary each month during the loan period.  Your gross salary is what you earn before tax and National Insurance are deducted.  

Vivup operates other health and well-being schemes and initiatives on things other than bikes too, and can save you money on home technology, gym membership, smoking cessation, flu jabs, weight management, hire cars...too many to mention here.  Vivup is an employee benefit specialist, and if you are eligible you can sign up on their website: 

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